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Lesson Policy (9/1/2016-present)

Due to the extremely low cost of lesson participation, if your student misses more than two lessons without advance notice of at least 24 hours, the student will be dropped from lessons with no refund given for the cost of lessons and will not be allowed to sign up for lessons for one (1) subsequent semester. Your child is welcome to continue group lessons at the String Project, but will not be allowed to keep his/her assigned lesson spot. Please note that "paying for a spot" does not entitle a parent to refrain from notifying the String Project Director, Dr. Stephanie Meyers, in writing at or by phone (915) 747-7810 (office) and (915) 241-6849 (home) at least 24 hours prior to the missed lesson. Thank you for your understanding and support of this policy!

Private lessons can be arranged separately with teachers directly involved as TA's for the String Project at UTEP. Lessons at the price offered by the String Project will only be available to students enrolled in good standing in the String Project at UTEP. Siblings of those students enrolled in the String Project at UTEP may not receive lessons at this price unless they are also actively enrolled in the String Project at UTEP. 

The lesson schedule will be arranged separately, apart from the time the String Project meets. The schedule will be set by the private teacher upon a consultation with you regarding scheduling needs.

You will receive a list of private teachers by contacting Dr. Stephanie Meyers, String Project Director at

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