Graduate School Readiness

The College of Liberal Arts Student Success (CLASS) center provides guidance for students preparing to apply to graduate or professional school. The center will support you during the application process, as you write and edit your statement of purpose, and secure letters of recommendation.

Why Consider Graduate School?

Before deciding, consider your personal and professional goals. Take the opportunity to dig deeper into certain fields of study. Investigate the career field you are pursuing to make sure you have a good understanding of what kind of graduate study will best prepare you for the specific work that you want to do. Certain careers, on the other hand will require an advanced degree for example; if you want to be a teacher at an early college high school, college professor, lawyer, or counselor, then graduate level training will be necessary preparation for you.

Can You Commit to a Career Field?

Are you interested in attending graduate school but are unsure about the specific field or graduate program to select? Do you have defined career goals? Is graduate school required to meet those goals? Spend some time clarifying your interest by meeting one-on-one with the career advisor at the University Career Center or at the CLASS center. Please visit the University Career Center website for more information


Contact Information    

Sacheen Ramos, M.Ed. 
Academic Advisor 
CLASS Center 

Location:Liberal Arts Room 302 Phone:747-5588