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Harmon M. Hosch    

Dr. Hosch
Personal Information    

Ph.D., New School for Social Research (1976)



Center for Law and Human Behavior
Research Interests    

Psychology and Law; Jury decision making; Impact of language of testimony on trial outcomes; Prosecutorial decisions; Alibis.
Sample Publications    

Hosch, H. M., Culhane, S. E., Jolly, K. W., Chavez, R. M., & Shaw, L. H. (2011). Effects of an alibi witness's relationship to the defendant on mock jurors' judgments. Law and Human Behavior, 35, 127-142. DOI: 10.1007/s10979-010-9225-5

Hosch, H.M., Culhane, S.E., Tubb, V.A., & Granillo, E.A. (2011). Town vs. gown: A direct comparison of community residents and student mock jurors. Behavioral Sciences & the Law, 29, 1-15. DOI: 10.1002/bsl.970

Steblay, N., Hosch, H.M., Culhane, S.E., & McWethy, A. (2006).  The impact on juror verdicts of judicial instruction to disregard inadmissible evidence: A meta-analysis.  Law and Human Behavior, 30, 469-542.


Taylor, T.S. & Hosch, H.M. (2004).  An examination of jury verdicts for evidence of a similarity-leniency effect, an out-group punitiveness effect, or a black sheep effect.  Law and Human Behavior, 28, 587-599.


Culhane, S.E., Hosch, H.M., & Weaver, W.G. (2004).  Crime victims serving as jurors: Is there bias present?  Law and Human Behavior, 28, 649-659.


Culhane, S.E. & Hosch, H.M. (2004).  An alibi witness’s influence on jurors’ verdicts.  Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 34, 1604-1616.


Kassin, S., Tubb, V.A., Hosch, H.M., & Memon, A. (2001).  On the ‘general acceptance’ of eyewitness testimony research: A new survey of the experts.  American Psychologist, 56, 405-416.

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