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Osvaldo F. Morera    

Dr. Osvaldo Morera
Personal Information    

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1997)


Curriculum Vitae

Judgment & Decision Making Lab
Research Interests    

I am trained as a quantitative psychologist with interests in behavioral decision theory/medical decision making, health psychology and applied psychometrics.  Within behavioral decision theory, I have an interest in the study of analytical and holistic decision making.  I apply this interest in analytical decision making to the use of decision aids to help patients make informed decisions about their health care. My interests in health psychology involve the promotion of behavior change.  Recently, my former PhD student and I developed a web-based smoking cessation intervention geared for female college students at UTEP.  My interests in applied psychometrics primarily involve test validation and the assessment of measurement invariance and test bias.

Sample Publications    

Lapeyrouse, L.M., Miranda, P. Y. Morera, O.F., Heyman, J. M. & Balcazar, H.G. (in press). Health Care Use and Mammography among Latinas With and Without Health Insurance in the U.S.-Mexico Border. Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

Frankowski, S.D., Lupo, A.K., Smith, B.A, Dane'el, Ramos, C & Morera, O.F. (2016). Developing and Testing a Scale to Measure Need for Drama. Personality and Individual Differences, 89, 192-201.

Morera, O.F. & Stokes, S.M. (2016). Coefficient α as a Measure of Test Score Reliability: Review of 3 Popular Misconceptions. American Journal of Public Health, 106, 458-461.

Morera, O.F. & Castro, F. G (2013). Important Considerations in Conducting Statistical Mediation Analyses. American Journal of Public Health, 103, 394-396.

De Heer, H., Koehly, L., Pederson, R., & Morera, O.F. (2011). Everyone gets healthier: An Afterschool Health Promotion Program for Hispanic Elementary School Children. American Journal of Public Health, 101, 1907-1913.

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Psyc 1303: Introduction to Statistics

Psyc 4321: Judgment & Decision Making

Psyc 5311: Experimental Design

Psyc 5323: Psychometrics

Psyc 5335: Structural Equation Modeling

Psyc 5335: Multivariate Statistics

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