University of Texas at El Paso
Sociology / Anthropology Faculty List    

Carina Heckert
Assistant Professor of Anthropology

308 Old Main



Ph.D., Anthropology, Southern Methodist University, 2015
M.A., Anthropology, Southern Methodist University, 2011
M.A., Sociology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2009
B.A., Anthropology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2006

Research Interests
Medical Anthropology
Global Health
Violence and Health

Courses Taught
Global Health
Medical Sociology
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Health as a Human Right
Health, Healing, and Ethics: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Sickness and Healing
General Sociological Theory
Special Topics: Violence, Suffering, and Human Rights

Selected Publications

Heckert, Carina. Fault Lines of Care: Gender, HIV, and Global Health in Bolivia. Book manuscript under contract with Rutgers University Press.

Heckert, Carina. 2017.  “Blaming Machismo:  How the Social Imaginary is Failing Men with HIV in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.” MedicalAnthropology, 36(2): 157-169. 

Heckert, Carina. 2016. "When Care is a 'Systematic Route of Torture': Conceptualizing the Violence of Medical Negligence in Resource Poor Settings." Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry, 40(4): 687-706. 

Parson, Nia and Carina Heckert. 2014. “The Golden Cage:The Production of Insecurity at the Nexus of Intimate Partner Violence and Unauthorized Migration in the US.” Human Organization, 73(4):305-314. 

Heckert, Carina.  2012.“Latina Immigrants in Rural Western Pennsylvania and Use of Mental Health Resources When Coping with Depression: Implications for Practice.” International Journal of Culture and Mental Health, 5(3):182-189.

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