University of Texas at El Paso
Sociology / Anthropology Faculty List    

Jeremy Slack
Assistant Professor of Geography




Ph.D., Geography, The University of Arizona, 2015

Courses Taught:

• Qualitative Methodology
• Drug Use, Abuse and Trafficking
• Geography of Mexico
• Research Methodology
• Sociological Theory 

Research Interests:

• Migration
• Deportation
• Violence
• Political Geography
• Drugs and Illegality
• State Theory
• Borders
• Latin America

Recent Publications (Selected):

• (2015) Banister, Jeffery; Boyce, Geoff; Slack, Jeremy. Illicit Economies and State (less) Geographies: The Politics of Illegality. Territory, Politics, Governance.
• (2015) Boyce, Geoff; Banister, Jeffrey; Slack, Jeremy. You and What Army? Wikileaks and the Mexican Drug War. Territory, Politics, Governance. 
• (2015) Slack, Jeremy; Martinez, Daniel; Whiteford, Scott; Peiffer, Emily. In Harm’s Way: Family Separation, Deportation, and Immigration Enforcement. The Journal of Migration and Human Security. 
• (2015) Slack, Jeremy. Captive Bodies: Migrant Kidnapping on the U.S. Mexico Border. Area. (Early view)
• (2013) Martinez, Daniel; Slack, Jeremy. What part of illegal DO you understand? The Criminalization of Migrants and Border Violence. Social and Legal Studies. . Vol 22. No. 
• (2011) Slack, Jeremy; Whiteford, Scott. Violence and Migration on the Arizona Sonora Border. Human Organization. Vol. 70, no. 1. 
• (2010) Slack, Jeremy; Whiteford, Scott. Viajes Violentos: la transformación de la migración clandestine hacia Sonora y Arizona. Norteamérica: la revista de UNAM. Vol 2. No. 2.
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