Entering Student Program

The Entering Student Program (ESP) focuses on assisting entering first-year and transfer students with their successful transition to The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). ESP offers UNIV 1301 Seminar in Critical Inquiry, teaching sections designated for first-year students with fewer than 30 semester credit hours and sections serving transfer students who are in their first or second semester at UTEP and who have earned 30 or more semester credit hours. UNIV 1301 is a core curriculum course in UTEP’s Component Area Option. ESP also administers learning communities (linked courses) to help students make academic and social connections in their first year at UTEP. Another key component of ESP is the peer leader program, which prepares and supports students who serve as members of the instructional team for UNIV courses.

For students who are on a 2013 or earlier UTEP Undergraduate Catalogs, ESP offers UNIV 2350 Technology and Society, which satisfies the UTEP’s University Designated Option of the core curriculum.

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Entering Student Program

Undergraduate Learning Center, Room 344
Phone Number: 915-747-7618
Fax Number: 915-747-6496

UNIV Courses

UNIV 1301 and UNIV 2350 are both 3-semester credit hour courses. UNIV 1301 is designed to help students make a successful start at UTEP. UNIV 2350 assists students in critically examining the effects of technology on societies.

Learning Communities

Students take two or more linked courses, forming academic and social communities with their peers.

Peer Leader Program

Gain valuable leadership skills and learn how you can be a part of the Peer Leader family.

The Entering Student Research and Creative Projects Showcase