The UTEP Legal Psychology Ph.D. Program includes clinical, cognitive, developmental, and social psychologists who conduct basic research with an emphasis towards application to the legal system. Students in our program are trained in both basic and applied experimental methodologies, and those completing the program have been successfully employed in academic, research, government, and private sector positions. Faculty members in the program maintain a variety of basic and applied research interests, including:

  • mental health and the criminal justice system
  • offender change and desistance
  • malevolent personality patterns
  • human and physiological approaches to credibility assessment
  • forensic interviewing of children and adults
  • interrogations and investigative interviewing in criminal justice and national security settings
  • psychology of terrorism and prejudice/racial bias

Faculty and graduate students in the program have a consistent record of publication and grant-funding that stem from this research, including support from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, National Institute of Corrections, and various state and national foundations.

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