University of Texas at El Paso
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UTEP Library Entrance    

Library Entrance
1. The Entrance and Atrium    

Welcome to the UTEP Library.  The Library sits on a hill within sight of the Mexican border.  Built in 1984, the six-story University Library embodies the Bhutanese style on a grand scale.  It has been designed to provide University and community users with the state-of-the-art facility for study and research.  The building houses over one million books, 200,000 government documents, and more than one million microforms.  In addition to seating for 2,300 people, a wide variety of reference assistance is available.  The Library and its staff support the University‚Äôs mission of education, research, scholarship, and community service.  Jazzman's Cafe in the atrium enable patrons to purchase refreshments of their choice.  For more information visit the library's homepageWe welcome your comments and suggestions.
Ask at the Reference Desk for help finding information on the Sculpture in front of the library, the Tapestry and the Altar in the atrium, and the World's Largest Book.  

Library Hours
Library Atrium & Coffee Shop    

Library Atrium & Coffee Shop