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To order an academic transcript online:    


The University of Texas at El Paso has retained Credentials Inc. to accept transcript orders over the Internet.  

Please click on the TranscriptsPlus icon below to enter your order:


If you are uncomfortable placing an order over the Internet, you can call Credentials Inc. at 847-716-3005 to place your transcript request.  There is an additional operator surcharge for placing orders over the telephone. 

Use this link to check the status of your transcript request.


Check the status of my order

Transcript Information

Your UTEP transcript is a complete record of Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral courses completed while at UTEP.
Partial transcripts (ex: only Graduate but not Undergraduate) are not available.

There are four types of transcripts:






Immediate Transcript (Official)

In person within 10 minutes (more time is required for students attending prior to 1983)


Regular Transcript (Official)

Normally 24-48 hours should be allowed for processing except at end of sessions when more time is required.


Information Transcript (Unofficial)

Printed on regular white paper.  (PICK UP ONLY)


“for UTEP use” Transcript (Unofficial) 

The Registration and Records Office will send these to the department indicated on the request.

All transcript fees (and any express shipping fees) must be paid for at the time of request.  We will not mail transcripts and then bill you, nor can transcript fees be charged to your account.

Your SSN will be printed on transcripts going to other colleges and universities, which will be used in matching documents and for financial aid and federal/state data reporting requirements.

Transcripts handed to a student or mailed to a residence will be stamped 
"Issued to Student”

If someone is making the request and/or picking up a transcript for a student or former student, they must have a letter of authorization and a picture ID for that specific request. 

Express Processing:

UPS overnight service is a $30 extra charge for next day (in the US)

No PO Box accepted for UPS

UPS international fees may vary depending on the country where the transcripts are being mailed. 


UTEP does not fax, scan, or email transcripts. 

Transcripts are not issued until all outstanding accounts with the university are cleared. 

Business is not conducted on days when UTEP is closed (weekends and holidays).  Please plan accordingly.

You cannot hand-carry UTEP transcripts to EPCC, EPCC will only accept transcripts sent to them by UTEP.


Transcript questions can be directed to (915) 747-5630 or send e-mail to

To order an academic transcript by mail or walk-in: Maximize    


To complete an Apostille certification you must bring an official transcript and/or copy of your diploma to the Registration and Records office.


You must also include the following:

  • Each Apostille Certification is a $15.00 fee.  We accept only blank money orders of $15.00 each (ex: You want an Apostille for 3 documents then you must submit 3 blank MO of $15.00 each) – the transcript department will fill out the money order(s).  
  • Two priority mail envelopes (approximately 12 X 9 inches)
  • Two priority mail stamps - $6.45 each (one to send to Austin and the other one for Austin to send it to us).  A third priority mail stamp and envelope if you wish for the transcript department to mail to you (USA only, we do not mail overseas).  
  • The transcript department will produce a letter for you to sign in order to notarize the diploma only if you come in person.  The notary will also produce a letter for the UTEP Registrar to sign so the notary may notarize your official transcripts.
  • If you are not able to come in person then you must provide an original diploma.  
  • You must specify for what country the Apostille Certification is for…i.e. MEXICO, RUSSIA, SPAIN, etc.