All students enrolled in the Department of Communication must be advised each semester prior to registration.

"The first time I was here I was completely lost, and after I went for advising I felt that I knew where I was going," said Monica de la O, an electronic media major.

Students in the Communication Department are not the only ones that have to get advised each semester. Most departments require that their students are advised each semester to ensure progress towards their degrees.

Advising is a simple process. Students visit a campus counselor to get information and help on classes they need to take. In the Communication Department there are two undergraduate advisors,

What happens if you don't get advised?

You can not register if you don't get advised in advance.  All students in the department have an advising hold on their registration. Once they are advised, that hold is lifted and they are free to register.

Getting advised is very important to every student. By doing so students can be sure that they are not taking unnecessary classes. Likewise each semester students know exactly where they are in their degree plans and what classes they need to finish.