Digital Media Production

No minor required.


Students must take:

  • COMM 2342: Introduction to Video Systems

    An introduction to the history, theory, technology, and production of visual communication from cameras to computers.

  • COMM 2343: Audio in Media

    The history, theory, and production of audio communication. Development and review of audio techniques from analogue to digital formats.

  • COMM 2372: Mass Media and Society

    An introduction to the mass communication media in the United States, their history, their roles, and issues within the media. Print, electronic, and digital systems are surveyed.

  • COMM 3342: Advanced Electronic Media Systems

  • COMM 3343: Video Editing

  • COMM 3345: Television Scriptwriting

  • COMM 3346: Documentary Video Practicum

  • COMM 4300: Internship

FILM COURSES  (27 hours)

Students must take:

  • FILM 1390: Introduction to the Art of the Motion Picture

  • FILM 2396: Video As Personal Expression

  • FILM 3315: Screenwriting

  • FILM 3390: Cinematic Directors

  • FILM 3394: Documentary Cinema

  • FILM 4390: Film Theory and Criticism

  • FILM 3302: Chicano Cinema   (cross-listed with Chicano Studies)

- or -

  • FILM 3303: Border Image in Film   (cross-listed with Chicano Studies)

  • FILM 3391: African-American Filmmakers

- or -

  • FILM 3395: Women in Film

ELECTIVES  (6 hours)

  • One 3-hour Communication Elective of any level

  • One 3-hour Film Elective of any level

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