Media Advertising

If you are interested in media advertising, a degree in Communication & Media Advertising may be for you. For more information, please contact the Media Advertising Advisor Carolyn T. Mitchell at, or (915) 747.6292.

The B.A. in Media Advertising is also available as a 100 % online degree.

For Media Advertising studies at UTEP, students need to complete the following:

I.   CORE REQUIREMENTS   (9 hours)

  • COMM 1370: Introduction to Communication Studies

    This is an introduction to the various fields of communication.

  • COMM 3371: Communication Theory and Analysis

    This class covers various communication theory that apply to all communication disciplines, ranging from intrapersonal communication to mass communication
    Prerequisite: COMM 1370.

  • COMM 4372: Methods of Research in Communication

    Here, you will address various social science methodologies used to conduct research in the field of communication.<
    Prerequisite: Senior standing and MATH 1320 with a grade of "C" or better.


Eighteen (18) hours of study are required as part of the major field of study for the Media Advertising major. Students must take the following classes in sequential order:

  • COMM 2330: Principles of Advertising

    The role of advertising in society. Basic concepts include marketing message creation, budget determination, agency-client relationships, creative strategy, media considerations, and social and ethical responsibility of advertisers.
    Prerequisite: COMM 1370

  • COMM 3332: Advertising Design, Graphics and Layout

    Use of graphics for effective communication including typography, color, photography, design in advertising, newspaper and magazine, pagemaker, and printing methods.

    Prerequisite: COMM 2330

  • COMM 3333: Creative Strategy and Copywriting

    Strategic research, problem definition, planning creativity, and ethics in advertising and public service announcements. Applying the techniques of research and the principles of communication and persuasion to the development of objectives, strategy and creative concepts. The theory and practice of developing appropriate messages to reach and influence target audiences. Integrating research, strategy and audio/visual methodology into the creation of concepts and copy for the primary ad media. Includes consumer and business media and direct advertising
    Prerequisite: COMM 2330 and COMM 3332 each with a grade of "C" or better.

  • COMM 3338: Integrated Marketing Communications

    The course examines the fundamental principles of integrated marketing communications (IMC), the basics of planning and implementing IMC into a traditional advertising campaign, and the functions of databases in developing consumer-oriented IMC programs. The course reviews major components in the IMC mix, skills and tools required for students to execute successful IMC programs as part of or in complement to an advertising campaign.
    Prerequisite: COMM 2330 with a grade of "C" or better.

  • COMM 4330: Media Planning and Buying

    A study of skills and concepts necessary to place advertising messages in commercial media types and vehicles.

    Prerequisite: Senior standing and COMM 2330 with a grade of "C" or better.

  • COMM 4335: Advertising Campaigns

    Strategic research, problem definition, audience definition, planning, creativity, and ethics in advertising and public service campaign development. Applying the techniques of research and the principles of communication and persuasion to the development of advertising objectives, strategy and creative concepts. Capstone course. Project required.

    Prerequisite: Senior standing and COMM 2330, 3332, 3332, 3338 and 4330 with a grade of "C" or better.

III.   ELECTIVES   (9 hours)

Any upper-division course except those included in sequence requirements for this major. Link here for the UTEP Course Catalog

  • COMM 3300 - 4300

The preferred electives for a Media Advertising major include Ad Sales and Management, International Advertising, Consumer Psychology, Account Planning, Radio and TV Advertising, Advanced Advertising Campaigns, and/or a Communication Internship, according to Carolyn Mitchell, senior lecturer in charge of the advertising advising. "All ad majors need an internship on their resume," says Mitchell, "it literally opens the door for employment after graduation."

All advertising majors are asked to contact Mrs. Mitchell as part of their advising process as the advertising major requires that all advertising classes be taken in sequential order. Likewise, several courses require a prerequisite course such as COMM 3333 and COMM 4335. If you have any questions about the courses, majors, or departments, feel free to contact the University by phone or email. Professors in the department are also available for guidelines.

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