Organizational and Corporate Communication

If you are interested in organizational studies & research, or in a career related to public relations, media relations, human relations, or event planning, a degree in Organizational Communication and Public Relations is for you. For more information, please contact Mr. Eli Garcia at, or (915) 747.5310. The B.A. in Organizational & Corporate Communication is also available as a 100 % online degree.


  • COMM 1370: Introduction to Communication Studies

    This is an introduction to the various fields of communication.

  • COMM 3371: Communication Theory and Analysis

    This class covers various communication theory that apply to all communication disciplines, ranging from intrapersonal communication to mass communication.
    Prerequisite: COMM 1370.

  • COMM 4372: Methods of Research in Communication

    Here, you will address various social science methodologies used to conduct research in the field of communication.
    Prerequisite: Senior standing and MATH 1320 with a grade of "C" or better.


Eighteen (18) hours of study are required as part of each major field of study for the Communication Studies major. Students must take:

  • COMM 3320: Writing for Public relations and Corporate Communication

    Emphasis on writing press releases, newsletters and a variety of instructional and promotional materials that are used in corporate and other organizational settings. Students will gain experience in analyzing the audiences and contexts for public relations and corporate communication writing, and will develop skills in applied communication writing contexts.
    Prerequisite: English 1312 with a grade of "C" or better.

  • COMM 3321: Public Relations

    Principles, techniques and methods used in public relations.
    Prerequisite: Junior standing and COMM 1370 with a grade of "C" or better.

  • COMM 3322: Communication and Conflict

    Designed to explore communication processes in interpersonal, organizational, and social conflict, and focus extensively on conflict management techniques in a variety of settings. In particular, the course will examine (a) basic principles and theories of communication and conflict, (b) contextual factors affecting the emergence of conflict, (c) the practice of conflict management and social change, and the outcomes of productive and destructive conflict.
    Prerequisite: COMM 1370 with a grade of "C" or better, or instructor approval.

  • COMM 3323: Communication and Organizational Leadership

    This course analyzes leadership as a communication process, focusing on concepts, theories and functions important in the leadership of organizations. The course particularly concentrates on leaders as change agents, as creators of community, and as facilitators of diversity. The course is predominantly concerned with evolving theories of leadership and the importance of communication in the enactment of leadership behaviors.
    Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

  • COMM 3355: Organizational Communication

    An examination of the theory and research on the communication process in organizations. Functional and interpretive theories and applications are explored.
    Prerequisite: Junior standing or instructor approval.

  • COMM 4323: Case Studies in Public Relations

    Advances theory and application of principles of public relations. Significant cas studies are reviewed and analyzed.
    Prerequisite: Junior standing and COMM 3321.

ELECTIVES (9 hours)

Any upper-division course except those included in sequence requirements for this major. Course Catalog

  • COMM 3300 - 4300

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