Master of Arts in Communication

The Master’s program in the Department of Communication is a graduate research and practice based program that focuses on communication theory, research methods, and communication principles in intercultural and international communication.  Classes draw from faculty members' area of expertise in areas such as culture and communication, gender and communication, environmental communication, social change, health communication, rhetoric, and media studies, as they relate to intercultural and international communication.

The program is designed to build personal and professional skills so that the master's degree in communication not only improves one's ability to write, speak, and conduct research, but also to build capabilities in effective cross-cultural and intercultural communication in the workplace and society in general.

A master's degree in communication prepares students to improve their workplace effectiveness, increase salaries, and obtain new or different career opportunities.  A master's degree can also prepare students to go on for a doctoral degree.

Each year we aim to build a cohort of students for effective learning of theory and research approaches in the field of communication, while also providing opportunities to attend conferences and other professional activities.  This cohort effect enhances the student experience of the master's degree program by building a network, support system, and research collaborations among its participants.

For any questions or additional information a prospective student can contact Dr. Tom Ruggiero by calling to 747-5762 or by e-mail at or go to the UTEP graduate school webpage at:

Applications must be submitted through the UTEP graduate school page.