Center for Civic Engagement


The CCE fulfills its mission through a number of collaborations, partnerships, and programs. Our programs are designed to engage students and faculty with the community in hands-on, learning experiences that serve community needs.


Service-Learning in Action

Service-learning is a way for students to learn academic content while serving their community. Service takes place in the form of direct service where students on average engage 20 hours per semester with a community organization.

Through community service designated work-study positions, students are placed with community organizations that mentor and guide them in service projects and activities. Organizations and students apply on a yearly basis to be part of the program

A membership-driven program made up of UTEP students ready and on call to serve the community. MVC is active year-long and organizations in need of event volunteers may request them at any time.

Volunteer Clearinghouse Program

Students who wish to volunteer with community organizations on an on-going basis may do so by selection from our partner list made up of organizations ready and willing to receive them. Organizations may request to be part of our list.


CYnergy stands for Civic.Youth.Energy and is a program through which youth undergo intensive leadership and community action training. Its programming model is that of Power –Awareness-Tools-Action – which calls for youth to feel empowered to make a difference, become aware of social problems, attain the tools necessary to take action, and last, to engage in community-impact action.