Josiah Heyman
Advisor, MA and Undergraduate Minor
Office Phone#: (915) 747-8745

Ph.D., Anthropology, City University of New York, 1988.  List of publications:
For copies of any publications, please see the page or email . He is interested in all things that concern borders, and the processes that shape them and pass through them.  His three most recent inquiries are regulation of spatial movement generally (building on, but going beyond borders per se), participant observation of engaged/activist anthropology (and lessons thereof), and unequal territorialization and political ecology of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, currently examining water.  Much of his past work centers on the presence of and limits to state power at borders.  This has connected to a specific focus on migration and mobility.  It has also lead to a focus on state workers, bureaucratic work processes, societal power and bureaucracies, etc.  His border and migration work in turn has lead to an active role in public policy, focusing on alternative migration and border policies for the United States.  That, in turn, has lead to a long sequence of works on values, advocacy, and social science (applied or engaged anthropology).  He is also interested in border cultures and complex/dynamic analyses of them, and how such approaches contribute to culture theory generally.  He has also worked for many years on anthropology of work, of working classes, household economies (including unpaid/reproductive work within capitalism), and consumption. He has contributed modestly to the nascent field of political ecology, and to political economy within anthropology.  He was a student of Eric Wolf, and remains an advocate of his legacy in anthropology.

Patricia Juarez
Office Phone#: (915) 747-6192

Patricia M. Juárez-Carrillo holds a Master of Public Health from the UT-Houston School of Public Health and the Ph.D. on Interdisciplinary Health Sciences from the University of Texas at El Paso. She is appointed as coordinator of the Center for Inter-American and Border Studies of the University of Texas at El Paso. Her research interests focuses on environmental health, disparities, justice, and occupational health. She teaches Environmental Justice for the Chicano Program for undergraduate students. Dr. Juarez-Carrillo acts as co-leader of the Environmental Education Task Force of the U.S.-Mexico Border 2020 Program in the New Mexico-Texas-Chihuahua area and she is an editorial member of the Health Promotion Practice Journal and the Journal of Agromedicine.

Silvia Torezani
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology (half time appointment to Latin American and Border Studies)
Office Phone (915) 747-6829

Silvia Torezani, a PhD in Anthropology (University of Western Australia), teaches on border studies, Latin American migration and global health. Participatory teaching and mentoring students are important aspects of her approach to teaching. Her research interests are in the areas of migrant elderly healthcare access in the U.S.-Mexico border, and Latin American migration in multicultural contexts, with a focus on Australia. She is currently finalizing data collection and analysis on a PIMSA-funded project on Mexican migrant elderly access to healthcare in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico.
Jeremy Slack
Assistant Professor of Geography (half time appointment to Latin American and Border Studies)

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