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  • IberMundo - Internet portal organized around the 21 countries of the Iberian world.  Each country is divided into governmental, public interest, commercialsectors and the media.
  • Diario Oficial de la Federación - Searchable database of the Diario.  Articles after 1997 are available full-text online and indexes are available from 1917.
  • FronteraNorteSur is an on-line, US-Mexico border news source that covers law enforcement, human rights, women's issues, environment, commerce, immigration, education, health, politics and more.  We publish four daily news stories from Tijuana, Mexicali, Ciudad Juárez and Matamoros/Reynosa.  This is news that is generally ignored by the US press and even the Mexican press.  Published by the Center for Latin American Studies at NMSU.
  • America's Insight: is an electronic publication of the Institute of the Americas, which provides readers with access to top analysts in Latin America and their expert predictions for the short- and medium-term economic and political outlook of countries in the region.
  • NACLA - NACLA provides policy makers, analysts, academics, organizers, journalists and religious and community groups with information on major trends in Latin America and its relations with the United States.
  • MEXICON: News and Studies on Mesoamerica
  • Yellow Latin: Offers recent information on Latin America but which is also focused on Latin American activities in London.
  • Americas Program - News on policy in the Americas. To Subscribe to the list serve send a message to


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  • Dirección de Archivos y Fondos Históricos de la Universidad de Guanajuato (México).
  • The Online Archive of New Mexico, a database of historical source materials in New Mexico, is available for use at The result of a two year collaborative project, the database contains information on over 1,000 archival collections. The material described covers more than four hundred years of New Mexico history in original documents.
  • Documentary Relations of the Southwest (DRSW), at the Arizona State Museum. The Master Bibliography contains more than 17,000 entries, each of which describes a Spanish colonial document or group of documents pertaining to northern New Spain. In all, the Master Bibliography references hundreds of thousands of pages of archival documents in detail.
  • Tomás Estrada Palma Collection at the University of Miami. Part of the Cuban Heritage Collection.
  • UNESCO Archives Portal
  • Historical Text Archive - Colonial Latin America
  • Historical Text Archive - Latin America National Period

Links to Map Sources

  • is a website dealing with the practice of geography in the Latin American area. It includes pages on the history of geography in the region, professional and academic organizations, selected readings and links, and geographic news and announcements. A comprehensive directory of native geographers as well as Latin Americanist geographers worldwide is being constructed. Starting in early 2003 the site will publish a semi-annual peer-reviewed journal named GeoTropico. Articles dealing with the tropical areas are welcomed. Articles may be written in Spanish, English, or Portuguese.