Multimedia Journalism

For questions or additional information, students can contact Dr. Frank Pérez at Cotton Memorial 202, (915)747-6287 or by e-mail at . Students may also contact Dr. Tom Ruggiero at (915)747-5762 or by e-mail at

Students need to complete:


  • COMM 1370: Introduction to Communication Studies

    This is an introduction to the various fields of communication.

  • COMM 3371: Communication Theory and Analysis

    This class covers various communication theory that apply to all communication disciplines, ranging from intrapersonal communication to mass communication.
    Prerequisite: COMM 1370.

  • COMM 4372: Methods of Research in Communication

    Here, you will address various social science methodologies used to conduct research in the field of communication.
    Prerequisites: Senior standing and MATH 1320 with a grade of "C" or better.


    Students must take:

  • COMM 2310: Basic Multimedia Writing

  • COMM 2344: Digital Video and Audio Production

  • COMM 2373: Intermediate Multimedia Writing

  • COMM 3313: News Gathering and Investigation

    Emphasis on developing and writing news stories of substance and depth for publication. Emphasis on more complex issues and story structures with development of journalistic writing style. Includes news features, interpretive and investigative reporting and news gathering.

  • COMM 3316: Digital Photography

  • COMM 4313: Applied Interactive Magazine

  • COMM 4371: Communication Law and Society

    A study of the rights and responsibilities imposed upon and exercised by the mass media under the American system of law. Ethical considerations in exercising responsibilities vested in the media are highlighted.

ELECTIVES (9 hours)

Any upper-division course except those included in sequence requirements for this major. Course Catalog

  • COMM 3300-4300

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