Academic Advising Center

Welcome to the Academic Advising Center of The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)

We are a centrally located center, which provides academic advising for many different populations at the university. While you are making a decision about which university to attend, we can help you determine what you need to do to be accepted into UTEP. Our main function at the university is to advise students on which classes to take during their freshman and sophomore years, as well as help students make the transition to university life.

There is so much more we can help you with! Should you decide to attend UTEP, we can direct you to workshops to help improve your placement scores on the TSI Assessment (this is the placement test most freshman are required to take upon entry into the university) and help you interpret the test results. If you are confused about your major course of study, we can help you choose a major that will allow you a little more time for growth before committing to one particular field of study.

Later, we can help you explore information about the different degree plans offered at UTEP and resources our university has to offer its students. We have knowledge of and work with many other programs at the UTEP.