Academic Advising Center

Transfer Students

So, you are considering transferring to The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). Congratulations you have taken your first step to a bright future! The Academic Advising Center (AAC) exists to help all entering students to our university, no matter what your classification or major may be. First, you must apply to the university and have an official transcript mailed to our Admissions Office. If you haven’t already applied, you can return to our home page, click on Admissions, and apply on-line.
Attendance at a Texas public institution requires satisfactory completion of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) by all students.
If you are a Texas transfer student, the advisors at the AAC can help you interpret your Texas Success Initiative standing at UTEP and guide you through the transfer process. After your transcripts have been evaluated, we can help guide you to which majors could be the best for you. We encourage you to participate in a transfer new student orientation (NSO) to acclimate yourself to your new academic surroundings and receive help registering for your first semester at UTEP.
If you are transferring from El Paso Community College, UTEP has an on-line transfer guide for reference and convenience. We have knowledge of and work with, many other programs at UTEP. Many of these programs have links; for more information click on the link listed below: