Academic Advising Center

General Studies

Who Are General Studies Students?

UTEP students who have not decided on a major are considered General Studies students. Students admitted under individual review by the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, and students in the Junior Scholars program are also included in General Studies.

Students who are denied admission, but who are admitted through an individual review process, may have to meet requirements for full admission or continued enrollment. Questions should be referred to the Office of Admissions at 747-5890.

Junior Scholars are El Paso area high school students who are qualified to attend university courses for both high school requirements and college credit. These students may need assistance arranging their combined high school and college class schedules. For further information or assistance, contact the Honors House at 747-5858.

The Academic Advising Center guides students in this program through their appropriate developmental and/or college-level coursework as per the University Core Curriculum requirements. A special emphasis is made on the importance of beginning and completing one’s developmental sequences in Reading, Mathematics, and Writing in a timely manner. Advisors are also able to make course recommendations and track course completion based on student’s intended major.

Can UTEP Students earn a degree in General Studies?

General Studies is not a degree program at UTEP. General Studies students may remain in the program until they have earned 60 credit hours, at which time they will be advised to declare a major. During their stay in the program we recommend that students take advantage of Choices, an on-line career planning program that can help them make decisions regarding educational and career goals. General Studies students are also encouraged to visit the University Counseling Center for assistance with Career Counseling. Students are also encouraged to use several strategies and resources to help them choose their major. Upon selection of a program of study, students should meet with their assigned advisor to map the completion of program requirements, and to begin the transition into the student’s academic department.