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START Program

What is the START program?

The Start program is a provisional admission program. The program serves as:

  • An opportunity for students who do not meet standard admission requirements to attend UTEP.
  • A program designed to help students establish a strong foundation for academic success

How do I clear the START program?

You have up to two semesters to clear START. To clear, you must: 

  • Attend New Student Orientation.
  • Complete a minimum of 9 semester hours of approved courses (from at least two areas) with an A, B, or C or a passing grade of S and an overall grade point average (GPA) of a 2.0.
  • Complete UNIV 1301.
  • Participate in a Learning Community, if available.
  • Seek Assistance
    •  Attend study workshops
    •  Obtain tutoring
    •  Meet with professors or teaching assistants during office hours
    •  Form and meet with study groups
  • Have monthly contact with assigned academic advisor.

If you do not clear START, you will be placed in one of these categories:

START Extended

  • your GPA is between 1.5-1.99, or
  • your GPA is greater than a 2.0 but you have fewer than 9 hours of approved START courses or courses from only one area.

START Extended students continue to receive same support as in first semester. They must meet with their advisor before beginning the next semester.

START Ineligible

Students who have a GPA lower than 1.5 after the first semester and less than 2.0 after their START Extended semester.

These students have three options:

Petition the Reinstatement Committee for an opportunity to re-enroll. The Reinstatement Committee is comprised of faculty and staff from the UTEP community. All students must bring a typed statement to their reinstatement appointment

Attend another college or university. A student may enroll at another college or university, receive Cs or better in 12 hours of college-level work that is transferable to UTEP, and complete the transfer process back to UTEP. Students selecting this option will return to UTEP on probation.

Re-apply after two years. A student may choose to sit out for two calendar years and petition the Dean of Liberal Arts at UTEP for reinstatement. Students who select this option return to UTEP as General Studies students on probation. At this point, a student can declare Option 2.

START Program