Academic Advising Center


The Academic Advising Center provides academic advising for Nursing students who have completed 0-29 hours and intend to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Students who have completed 30 hours and above are advised at the School of Nursing.

Advising is required prior to registration each semester. Students are encouraged to see an advisor to have an official degree plan created. The degree plan will be used to plan completion of the 58 prerequisite hours needed to request approval to enroll in lower-division Nursing courses.

Evaluation Request for School of Nursing (SON) approval occurs in February and September of each year. Further information is available on the School of Nursing web page.


  • Advising prior to registration each semester 
  • Advising and Probation Reinstatement for freshman students (0-29 credits) 
  • Advising prior to SON Reinstatement (probation 30 credits and above, and all suspension)** 
  • Accepting requests for School of Nursing approval to take lower-division Nursing courses (Nursing Evaluation Request)


**Probation students over 29 hours and suspension reinstatements require an appointment with a School of Nursing Advisor. Call 747-7273 to set an appointment.

Prospective transfer students are encouraged to apply to the University of Texas at El Paso to receive an official transcript evaluation prior to seeking advising for Pre-Nursing at the Academic Advising Center.

New transfer students are encouraged to schedule advising appointments upon completion of admission and evaluation of transfer course work, prior to Transfer Orientation session.