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The Mexican Revolution of 1910    

Because of its profound impact on the social, economic, and political fabric of Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, over 100 interviews offer personal testimony of this turbulent era of borderlands history. Many of these eyewitness accounts are in Spanish and frequently mention political figures such as Francisco Madero, Pancho Villa, and Pascual Orozco.

Images are meant to illustrate content of this collection. They are not photographs of interviewees.



     Revolutionary Soldier (Aultman
                                                              Collection, A2119, El Pas Public Library)



 Pancho Villa and Friends at El Paso's
 Elite Confectionary (Aultman Colle-
 ction, A5257, El Paso Public Library)

 Refugees from Mexico crossing the Rio
 Grande during the Mexican Revolution
 1917, (Aultman Collection, A5650, El
 Paso Public Library)

 Durante la Revolucion (Aultman
 Collection, A2119, El Paso Public

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