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The Chamizal Settlement:
An International boundary issue

The project is seeking to document the Chamizal treaty which realigned a portion of the international boundary between Mexico and the United States. The interviews are will Mexican and American officials who negotiate the treaty and persons displaced and/or relocated when the treaty was implemented in 1967.


The Chamizal Settlement relocated the Rio Grande River channel and ended a century long boundary dispute between Mexico and the United States (Courtesy Texas Western Press)

Images are meant to illustrate content of this collection. They are not photographs of interviewees.   



Signing Chamizal Convention, U.S. Ambassador Thomas C. Mann, left, and Secretary of Foreign Relations, Lic. Manuel Tello, right, Mexico City, August 29, 1963

U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson and Mexican President Gustavo Díaz-Ordaz at new international boundary, El Paso- Juárez, October 28, 1967

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