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Mining In Mexico:
The El Paso Connection

Interviews explore the development of the mining industry in northern Mexico from the 1930s to the present. Topics include life in mining camps, working conditions, labor unrest, the function of foreign capital, political events that influenced the industry, and mining technology. These interviews, in both English and Spanish, constitute a significant archive providing rich primary source material to researchers and scholars in a variety of disciplines.

Images are meant to illustrate content of this collection. They are not photographs of interviewees.


Stamp mill, Southwest U.S (Mattox Photograps PH027,
Special Collections Department, UTEP Library)



At the smelter [ASARCO], El Paso, 1899 (Aultman Collection, B198 El Paso Public Library)

Loading ore wagons at Shafter, Texas, near the Mexican border, c. 1920 (Institute of Oral History, UTEP)

The smelter, El Paso, 1889 (Aultman Collection, B200 El Paso Public Library)

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