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  Basic Requirements for Admission
  1. A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in the United States (or proof of equivalent training in a foreign institution).
  2. A satisfactory grade point average in upper division (junior and senior level) work and in any graduate work already completed.
  3. Submission of official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.

Note: documentation (including the fees, GRE scores, etc.) should be submitted directly to the Graduate School. Requirement 4 below is submitted directly to the MAIS program.

  1. Submission to the MAIS Advisory Committee of an acceptable Admission Essay and Plan of Study.(At this stage, applicants must contact the MAIS program director to discuss their applications.)
  2. Acceptance by the MAIS Program and the Graduate School.

The MAIS requirements for admission shall be evaluated as a composite.  Applicants should present a background of GPA and courses completed that demonstrate the ability to sustain graduate level work with competitive verbal and reasoning scores on the GRE, and a plan of study containing a broad set of objectives that will expand their knowledge beyond their previous training or present profession.


It is recommended that each applicant enlist a member of the graduate Faculty to mentor him/her during his/her career.


Individuals interested in joining the MAIS program should consult with Program Director before applying.

Apply to Graduate School:  https://www.utep.edu/graduate/apply-now/apply-now.html

Specific Requirements for the MAIS Degree

Thirty-six (36) semester hours of course work, no more than 9 of which may be in a single disciplinary area.
(Exceptions to the nine-hour limitation are made only under unusual circumstances. Exceptions must be approved by the MAIS Advisor and by the Graduate School.)

2. A minimum of 27 semester hours of graduate courses (those listed 5300 and above).

Up to 9 of these hours may be selected from upper division undergraduate courses (those listed at the 3300 and 4300 level), if and only if those courses are pre-approved for graduate credit. [Note: These undergraduate courses are specifically labeled in the graduate catalog: "for Undergraduates and Graduate Students" Not all departments
offer these "dual-credit" courses.]

3. A minimum of 6 semester hours of MAIS core seminars (one each from MAIS 5350, History of an Idea, and MAIS 5360, Contemporary Issues).

4. Successful completion of MAIS 5393: "Final Project." The final project will be submitted to the committee conducting the student's final oral examination. After successful completion of the final oral examination, two complete copies of the final project in PDF electronic format turned in on a CD will be submitted to the Graduate School (contact the Graduate School for format, specific deadlines and other requirements) and one copy will be submitted to the MAIS program for its project archives. 5. Successful completion of the final oral examination, and approval by the Dean of the Graduate School.



  Frequently Asked Questions
Q What is the application procedure?
A Step 1: First, apply to the graduate school (see requirements in the catalog. The main requirements are transcripts and GRE scores).

Step 2: Prepare a list of proposed courses for the MAIS program and a two page essay explaining the intellectual goals of your proposed plan of study.

At this stage, local applicants consult with the program director in person (out-of-town applicants by telephone).

What are the application deadlines?

A Fall admission: steps 1 & 2 above must be completed by April 1.
Spring admission: steps 1 & 2 above must be completed by November 15.

Applications are not processed during the summer.

In certain cases, exceptions may be made to these deadlines (discuss with program director individually).
Q What are the guidelines for preparing the proposed plan of study?
A REQUIREMENT #1: List of proposed courses: total courses = 12 (36 hours)
Three courses are required: MAIS 5350, 5360, and 5393

In addition, students will take nine other courses, normally in three different departments within the College of Liberal Arts. (see current Graduate Catalogue). List the nine seminars, catalog numbers, and short titles. Select one or more possible alternate seminars within each department, in case your first choice is not available.

    Normally all courses are graduate seminars, but a limited number of undergraduate courses may count (up to 9 hours) if (and only if) these are listed in the graduate catalog as "approved for undergraduate and graduate credit").
    In some cases, up to 9 hours from a department outside the College of Liberal Arts may be counted. In some cases, up to 9 hours of credits from another university may transfer to your MAIS plan of study. In some cases, up to 9 hours of credit for UTEP graduate courses taken before you are admitted to the MAIS program may transfer to your MAIS plan of study. In some cases, 3-6 hours of graduate level independent study may be counted. Consult with program director individually about whether the above exceptions may apply to your plan of study.

REQUIREMENT #2: Short essay to accompany list of courses. In approximately two double-spaced pages, discuss your intellectual interests and how they relate to your proposed plan of study. Here are some questions your essay will address:
  • What areas of the liberal arts interest you and why?
  • Why it is appropriate that you have selected these departments and these specific seminars, given your intellectual interests?
  • What intellectual goals will be achieved by your plan (not career goals)?
  • Are there other things relevant to your application that you would like the MAIS program to consider?
  • Approximately when do you plan to graduate? Do you expect to be full-time or part time? (these two questions do not affect the admissions decision).
Q Is financial aid available?
A The MAIS program has no teaching assistantship (TA) positions available and no separate scholarship funds.

There are, however, forms of financial assistance for which all graduate students may apply. Be sure to check with the Financial Aid Office (Academic Services Building room 204, 747-5204, and the Scholarship Office (Academic Services Building room 202, 747-5478) for their criteria and application deadlines.
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