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 Dr. Ronald J. Weber, Program Director

Dr. Weber teaches courses on the history of the Ancient Middle East, Greece and Rome. The gem of his courses is the yearly two-week trip to Rome and Central Italy visiting the monuments and museums of Italy and experiencing the artifacts of the ancient world first hand. He has researched and published on the great Italian families of late antiquity. Currently, as Director of the Humanities Program and the Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies Program, Dr. Weber has been active in interdisciplinary curriculum development and teacher development. His seminar on teaching and learning history is part of the History PhD. Program. Dr. Weber has written about how to improve the training of college teachers in history and is active in the development of improved teacher training for public school social studies teachers.



For advising please call (915) 747-5835 to set an appointment with the director, Dr. Weber or email: rweber@utep.edu

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