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Common Health Costs of Tobacco Minimize    


  • Tobacco is the only product you can legally buy in the United States that is likely to cause cancer if you use it.
  • Stopping smoking is one of the best ways to prevent illness and death in the United States.
  • Smoking related illnesses account for almost 20% of all deaths and more that 25% of all deaths in the 35-64 age group.
  • People who smoke miss about 7 more days of work per year than people who don’t smoke.
  • People who smoke go to the doctor about 6 more times a year than people who don’t smoke.
  • People who live with smokers go to the doctor about 4 more times a year than people who live with nonsmokers.
  • About 53,000 people die each year from exposure to secondhand smoke.


Cardiovascular (heart) Disease 

  • Cigarette smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular or heart disease.
  • Nonsmokers living with smokers have a 30% increase in the risk of death from heart disease.
  • Smokeless tobacco (e.g. chew, dip) users are at increased risk for high blood pressure.
  • Using smokeless tobacco increases heart rate.
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