Undergraduate Programs


Commencement, UTEP

The University of Texas at El Paso's Department of Music offers the Bachelor of Music degree in four major areas: Education, Performance, Commercial Music, and Theory-and-Composition.The department also offers the Master of Music degree in two major areas: Education and Performance.Many of our graduates are professional performers and educators in the southwestern United States.

All candidates for the Bachelor of Music degree must declare a major instrument or voice as a performing medium.This instrument or voice should be studied for credit each semester in residence (summers excepted). Any standard band or orchestra instrument, keyboard or guitar may be chosen for major emphasis in the instrumental performance plan.In the music education (General Music) plan only standard band and orchestra instruments can be the performance area. Students in the choral music education (General Music) plan must have voice as a major performing area.

Scholarships and Service Awards are available to qualified students from several sources.The student should consult the director of his major ensemble for information about scholarships.Service Awards for performance in major ensembles are renewable, as are scholarships.

The high school applicant who has a "B" average may be eligible for an Academic Scholarship.Student loans and grant funds are administered by the Director of Financial Aid Office.

In some cases out-of-state tuition waivers are available to students with good academic credentials.

A minor in music is available for students majoring in other fields of study. Students may choose an applied music option or an academic music option.