University of Texas at El Paso
University Library
Collection Development Policy: Electrical and Computer Engineering    

Degrees offered:

BS, MS, PhD.

Number of faculty:


Number of majors in the program:

Undergraduate 416*
Graduate 94*
Doctoral 22*

Faculty Liaison:

Dr. Ricardo F. von Borries

Library Subject Specialist:

Debjani Mukhopadhyay

Program Head:

Dr. Patricia Nava

* Fall, 2006 data as reported by the Center for Institutional Evaluation, Research and Planning (CIERP) of The University of Texas at El Paso.

Program Description

The undergraduate program offers Four options: General Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Fields and Devices Engineering, and Systems and Communications Engineering. Graduate options are Electrical and Computer Engineering. The doctorate is in Computer Engineering.

Description of Existing Collection
NCIP Code: 3a

LC call numbers: HE 7601-9737, QA, QB, QC, TK , TL.

Electrical Engineering received PUF money a few years in advance of their doctoral program expanding the collection to a strong instructional support level. We receive 127 journal titles in support of the program which includes the full IEEE package subscription. Reference material is up to date. Students have free access to INSPEC through EBSCO

Current Collecting Intensity
NCIP Code: 3a

There has been an effort made to pick up appropriate proceedings for advanced research.

We have a continuing wish list of proceedings and often can not fill all book requests for lack of funds.

Desired Collection Level
NCIP Code: 4

The Electrical Engineering Department would like to receive several conference proceedings on a regular basis, as this is the most current information available in their research areas. The library should be adding a few new journals in Electrical and Computer Engineering to support the needs of doctoral students.

Other Resources

We still have some IEEE Proceedings in microfiche which have not been cataloged yet.

As a depository, Government Documents receives the NTIS index and as an historically black college we are eligible to receive DTIS research papers for free.