University of Texas at El Paso
University Library
Collection Development Policy: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering    

Degrees offered:

BS and MS in Industrial Engineering, MS in Manufacturing Engineering, and BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering

Number of faculty:


Number of majors in the ME program:

Number of majors in the IE program:

Number of majors in MFGE program:

Undergraduate 339*
Graduate 41*

Undergraduate 142*
Graduate 31*

Graduate 27*

Faculty Liaisons:

Dr. Ahsan Choudhuri (ME)
Dr. Jenny Zhang (IE)

Library Subject Specialist:

Debjani Mukhopadhyay

Program Heads:

Dr. Jack Dowdy (ME)
Dr. Raphael S. Gutierrez (IE)

* Fall, 2006 data as reported by the Center for Institutional Evaluation, Research and Planning (CIERP) of The University of Texas at El Paso.   

Program Description

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department offers a Bachelors in both Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The Mechanical Engineering curriculum provides a broad range of courses in the areas of thermal sciences, fluid mechanics, and mechanical design. Industrial Engineering provides courses in the areas of human resources management, plant design, operations research and quality control. A Master of Science is given in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Manufacturing Engineering. Mechanical Engineering includes courses in fluid and thermal systems, solid mechanics, and machine design. Industrial Engineering offers courses in quality, computer simulation, ergonomics, production and inventory control and operations research. Manufacturing includes design of manufacturing processes, analysis of discrete production systems, precision engineering and automation.

Description of Existing Collection
NCIP Code: 2b

LC call numbers: GB 980-1798, GC, GF, HD28-88, HD 2321-4730, HF 5484-5548, 5761-5780, QC 221-319, T,TA 164-367, TJ, TL 1-777

The collection is strong in many areas in Mechanical Engineering, especially materials relating to design, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics. Industrial engineering is strongest in the area of production systems and manufacturing processes. There is a need for more materials in the fields of alternative energy sources, ergonomics, robotics and design because of a renewed interest in these areas. Reference materials are current and appropriate for the collection.

Current Collecting Intensity
NCIP Code: 2b

The library receives 58 journal titles to support this program.  Current practice includes adding new monographs in all areas of the program and additional titles are purchased whenever possible. The reference collection is reviewed every year for possible gaps and outdated materials.

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering students and faculty have, on and off campus, access to databases such as: Ergonomics Abstracts Online, Mechanical & Transportation Engineering Abstracts (CSA), METADEX (CSA), U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 

Desired Collection Level
NCIP Code: 3b

More journals and monographs in both mechanical and industrial engineering should be added to the collection.

Other Resources: Government Documents has good research collections in mechanical engineering in the areas of robotics, mechanical design, and aeronautics technology. Documents also serve the industrial engineering program well in the areas of economics, manufacturing processes, and industrial management. Documents also has strong collections in environmental science, materials science, and federal regulations.