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Texas Wedge - Sculpture
Texas Wedge - Sculpture    

Created by James R. McBeth, the environmental sculpture named "Texas Wedge", sits in front of the UTEP Library's entrance.  It is a "large triangular piece with 196 square aluminium tubes placed six to nine inches apart and mounted on an aluminium base.  The gold anodized tubes are four feet high at the front and rise to 20 feet at the back of the sculpture......Since the piece sits on the western side of the building, the setting sun hits the sculpture and changes it from minute to minute from a bright, almost sun yellow to the quiet yellow of fine gold.  The wands cast shadows on one another and the ground to add another dimension to the piece, and they move gracefully with the wind.  The piece was designed to withstand winds up to about 85 mph."*

In her comment about the sculpture, Dr. Diana Natalicio, President of the University of Texas at El Paso, said, "We are making a contribution to the community through this art.  Industries thinking of locating in El Paso judge the city's quality of life and cultural advantages, and art like this helps convey that message."

For more information about the "Texas Wedge" and/or other arts, one can contact the Special Collections department of the UTEP Library at (915) 747- 5697.

*McClure, Marilyn.  1986.  The Texas Wedge.  NOVA: The University of Texas at El Paso Magazine.  December, 22 (2).