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Degrees offered:

BS in Kinesiology
MS in Kinesiology
Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

Number of faculty:


Number of majors in the program:

Undergraduate - 294*
Graduate - 25*

Faculty Liaison:


Steve Burns, Ph.D


Library Subject Specialist:

Kristin Sanchez

Department Chair:

Harry Meeuwsen, Ph.D

* Fall, 2004 data as reported in The University of Texas at El Paso FACT BOOK 2004-2005, Center for Institutional Evaluation, Research and Planning, 2005.

Program Description:

The undergraduate program for Kinesiology requires the General Education Core of 44 hours, 11 hours of prerequisites, 39 hours of Kinesiology courses, an 18 hour minor, and 9 hours of upper-division electives. Students seeking a teaching certificate must take the Physical Education Concentration and the Education Minor. Students interested in the fitness industry or graduate study in exercise science, physical therapy, or similar fields should select the Exercise Science Concentration. Students with a bachelor's degree in another field or who would like to pursue a teaching certificate for Physical Education should refer to the College of Education.  Students pursuing a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies who want to specialize in Kinesiology should refer to the College of Education.

A Master of Science in Kinesiology is also available for those wishing to increase their preparation as physical educators, to complete a masters in preparation for a doctoral program, increase knowledge in the various exercise science areas, or prepare for higher level jobs dealing with human movement and physical activity.  An MS in Kinesiology requires a total of 36 hours.  Students choose to concentrate in either Exercise Science or Pedagogy of Physical Activities.

The Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences is designed to respond to the growing national shortage of doctorally-trained professionals in health-related fields and to address significant health research needs related to communities in the U.S.-Mexico border region.  This degree encompasses classes taught by faculty from the various disciplines within the College of Health Sciences.  Disciplines include Nursing, Physical Therapy, Health Promotion, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Kinesiology, as well as Public Health.  Graduates from this program will have research skills, core knowledge in health sciences, and knowledge in their areas of specialization.

Students are introduced to the following topics:
Foundations of Kinesiology, Motor Learning and Control, Statistics and Measurement in Kinesiology, Research Methods,  Anatomical Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Fitness Programs, Special Populations, Sports Activity Injuries, First Aid and Safety, Elementary and Secondary Physical Education, Curricula in Physical Education, Gymnastics, Dance, Racquet Sports, Track and Field, Aquatics, Outdoor Education and Survival Skills, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball/Softball, Volleyball, Coronary Intervention, Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Early Childhood Growth, Maturation, Health, Motor Behavior, and Movement Experiences, Teaching and Coaching Behavior, Sociological Foundations of Physical Activity and Sports, Sport Psychology, Sports and Society, History of Kinesiology, Physical Education, and Sport, Ethics, US Health System, Administration of Physical Education and Athletic Programs, Sports Nutrition and Qualitative Analysis of Human Movement.

Description of Existing Collection

NCIP Code: 2

Materials are located in Library of Congress call number areas: BF637, BF 737, BH 301, GV 300-1199, KF3989, QM 25, QP 34.5, QP 82, QP 301-383, RA 413, RC 681-685, RC 700-1235, RD 97, RD 113, RM 301, RM 724-725.

The “Selected List of Books and Journals in Allied Health Sciences” by the late Alfred N. Brandon and Dorothy R. Hill, Journal of the Medical Library Association,  Vol. 91 No. 1, January 2003, pp 18-33  and the "Brandon/Hill Selected List of Print Books and Journals for the Small Medical Library”  by the late Alfred N. Brandon and Dorothy R. Hill were checked for the holdings of the library.

The categories checked in the allied health list are: Anatomy and Physiology, of which the library has 4 of the 7 titles; Athletic Trainer, 5 of the 8 titles; Dictionaries and Directories, 7 of the 8 titles are owned. The categories in the small medical library list are: Anatomy, of which the library has 6 of the 10 titles; Sports Medicine, the library has 4 of the 11 titles given. The section on the Cardiovascular system was also checked to address the course on Coronary Intervention Programs.

There is not a specialized listing of recommended titles for kinesiology. However, some material required for the specialty is found under physical education. The Physical Education Index is dedicated to journal literature.

Also used was the Medical and Health Care Books and Serials in Print, vol. 1, New Providence, R.R. Bowker, 2005. The subject headings used from that source were Exercise Therapy and Kinesiology. The books on this list are not rated and list only titles currently in print. The library has 19 of the 45 titles listed under exercise therapy and 15 of the 46 titles under kinesiology. There are 4 titles which need to be updated from the two lists. Titles on various sports are not on any of the lists. They comprise a part of the collection dedicated to the physical education activity.

Online databases which include kinesiology are the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health In Literature (CINAHL), SPORTDiscus, Blackwell Synergy, Health Reference Center Academic, Physical Education Index, Science Direct, and  PubMed.

Current Collecting Intensity
NCIP Code: 2

The material selected supports the undergraduate program and the graduate program. Current and retrospective material is sought to satisfy the needs of the students and faculty in kinesiology. Research material for the faculty and graduate students is also searched and obtained. Most of the selections are in the English language.

Desired Collection Level
NCIP Code: 3

The library will continue to purchase current monographs in the discipline and will seek the purchase of basic and advanced journals in kinesiology.

Other Resources

Locally, the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Delia Montes-Gallo Library of the Health Sciences in El Paso supplements the University of Texas at El Paso collection with medical texts and journals not being purchased by the university.  Other libraries available to the students and faculty are the El Paso Community College, The El Paso Public Library, New Mexico State University, and the medical library of the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez.

The Interlibrary Loan Department of the Library provides materials not available in the area.

The library is a charter member of the Del Norte Biosciences Library Consortium which meets regularly to dialog.

Last updated: 04/17/2006