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Overview of GaBi    

There are three different versions of GaBi software provided by GaBi (

GaBi Lite
is a software that makes balancing easier and simple way of calculating life cycle results. Following defined paths, it is application-oriented, clearly laid out and therefore ideal for beginners.

GaBi 4 software system is a tool to create life cycle balances and provides support when managing large data. It provides solutions for different problems regarding cost, environment, social and technical criteria, optimization of processes and managing our external representation in these fields.

GaBi DfX is a software tool for compliance and sustainable product development which can include different regulations such as the EU directives of end of life vehicles, of waste electrical and electronic equipment, or of restriction of hazardous substances during product design.

GaBi 4    

The New Generation GaBi 4

New technologies and features make GaBi 4 a universal tool to address the need for sustainability data administration and evaluation on the organization, facility, and process or product life cycle level. GaBi 4 can also support sustainability management with concise data, indicators and evaluations.
The versatile functionality of GaBi 4 helps us discover new dimensions and leads to an advanced standards in easy operation and flexibility.

GaBi 4
assists in:

Greenhouse Gas Accounting, Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Engineering, Design for Environment, Energy Efficiency Studies, Substance Flow Analysis, Company Eco-balances, Environmental Reporting, Sustainability Reporting, Strategic Risk Management, Total Cost Accounting.

GaBi 4 Features:

Readily usable process-plan design tools, Automatic calculation of complex process networks, Hierarchically combinable process plans, Modeling of non-linear equations, Uncomplicated application of allocation methods, Control of completeness and consistency, Data quality indicators, Display of flow names and quantities, Display of user-defined process images, Browser based process data documentation.


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