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Since 2003, the UTEP ADVANCE team has conducted 32 on-campus presentations, including Town Hall Meetings, talks to campus groups and graduate classes, and meetings with the Institutional Action Board and upper administration. What is learned about leadership in the Faculty Mentoring Program for Women and the IMPACT Seminars is shared with the entire campus through invitation to workshops presented by experts and dissemination of best practices.

The team has made 24 presentations at national conferences, regional meetings, and to community organizations. To date, ADVANCE team members have written four papers and one book chapter about our initiative. For example, members of the ADVANCE team authored a chapter on faculty mentoring for a book on ADVANCE practices to be published by The University of Michigan Press.

Best practices on recruitment, retention, and promotion continue to be gathered with special emphasis on issues affecting women of color. These practices are shared through newsletters, fliers, and the ADVANCE Web site.

Best Practices in Recruitment, Retention, and Mentoring by Joann Moody (.doc)

Effective Practices and Strategies to Diversify STEM Faculty, January 2006 (.doc)

Best practices identified include:

  • Slowing of tenure clock for family issues
  • Availability of research release time at the departmental level
  • Early feedback regarding progress toward tenure
  • Active recruitment of women from underrepresented groups
  • Facilitation of departmental strategic planning
  • Facilitate faculty assessment of departmental climates and development of strategies to foster supportive climates
  • Conduct surveys assessing departmental and institutional climates affecting recruitment, retention, and promotion
  • Facilitate development and implementation of strategies at the departmental level to recruit, retain, and promote a diverse faculty
  • Facilitate faculty discussions on issues affecting faculty recruitment, retention, and promotion
  • Facilitate faculty development of action plans that enhance recruitment, retention, and advancement of diverse faculty
  • Identify and share best practices, both on and off campus, that foster recruitment, retention, and promotion of a qualified faculty
  • Work with faculty change agents to develop collaborative leadership on campus to institutionalize change efforts
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