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The aim of StopLite 2 was to continue to decrease smoking rates on the UTEP campus, specifically among light smokers who make up the majority of the smoking population at UTEP. For the purposes of this proposal, light smokers are those who smoke between one cigarette a month and 10 cigarettes per day. The intervention consisted of motivational enhancement for cognitive-based change, the identification of triggers to smoke as an action-based activity, and a health education component featuring information on the costs of light and regular smoking as well as the benefits of quitting smoking. This intervention was designed to target all smokers regardless of their readiness to change; smokers who are low motivated or in the precontemplation or the contemplation stage of change are hypothesized to benefit from the motivational enhancement that will help build dissonance about smoking in order to “tip the scales” in favor of quitting, and the trigger worksheet and health education component are hypothesized to encourage quitting smoking among highly motivated smokers who may be in the preparation and action stages of change. Participants in the StopLite 2 program participated in one baseline face-to-face counseling session at the Student Health Center located on the UTEP campus or in the PATCH lab offices and cessation progress assessments were made at 1 and 3 months post intervention.


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