University of Texas at El Paso
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Welcome to Professional Science Master's (PSM) in Bioinformatics
and Computational Molecular Biology

Our Vision:
With the advancement of bioinformatics technology, the need for scientists to decipher and interpret information embedded in the human and other genomes continues to grow. We envision that our PSM program will develop into a research-based educational hub in the Border Region for training bioinformatics professionals with an interdisciplinary curriculum in pace with industrial and academic research.

Mission Statement:
Our bioinformatics PSM degree program is to provide 
      •  Professional development for students in various fields of bioinformatics with opportunities for teaching, research and internships in laboratories, centers or companies worldwide;
      • An interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates latest knowledge and techniques in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and statistics imperative to genome analysis;
      • Research experience in areas relevant to bioinformatics as a part of the professional training and experience beneficial to their future careers or studies.


Our bioinformatics PSM degree is a non-thesis option with professional training, combining advanced studies in computational molecular biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and statistics utilizing state-of-the-art facilities, such as our Bioinformatics Computing Laboratory (BCL). Studies offer extensive training on DNA and protein sequence and structural analysis, gene expression and proteomic data analysis, optimization and statistical methodologies, data mining, algorithm design, and database development.      

Since the launch of the Bioinformatics Program in 2001, we have established internship opportunities with companies, centers, and other institutions in biotechnology, biomedical science and pharmaceutical industry using bioinformatics computing tools. This internship experience is required in our PSM degree program to enhance employment prospects of our PSM graduatesThe Texas resident graduate tuition is $1,716 per semester, the non-resident tuition cost is $4,021 per semester (for 10 credit hours).

Click here for more information on the professional development  in bioinformatics at UTEP and the potentials of bioinformatics and its biomedical applications.