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UTEP has offered courses in Linguistics since 1964 and degrees in Linguistics since 1969. The program in Linguistics provides broad training in both theoretical and applied linguistics, preparing students for Ph.D. studies in Linguistics, as well as for careers in TESOL and language teaching. The program is distinctive in that classes are generally small and the atmosphere supportive, while at the same time the faculty are internationally recognized for their research achievements, which often involve active student collaboration. El Paso's multilingual character and its location on the U.S.-Mexico border make for a fascinating environment for anyone interested in language and language learning. Most El Paso residents are bilingual in English and Spanish. German and Korean are often overheard, and there are Apache- and Tarahumara-speaking communities nearby.

All students take core courses in phonology and syntax, but beyond that they design their own program according to their own interests and goals.

Degrees in Linguistics

The Linguistics BA
If your primary interest is in linguistics and human language, you can study a wide variety of subjects including the basic systems of language, first and second language acquisition, sociolinguistics (language variation), English linguistics, Spanish linguistics, historical linguistics (language evolution), and language teaching.  On the faculty are a number of  well-known researchers who offer the courses and who will guide your study of the field.

The Linguistics minor
If your primary interest is in a field such as psychology, anthropology, education, computer science, speech pathology, English, Spanish, or a foreign language, the study of linguistics  provides an important grounding for the language-related aspects of these fields.  It adds a significant professional credential  to your list of qualifications and background.  Even if your major is not directly related to linguistics, you may want to study it to broaden your knowledge of language.

The Linguistics MA
The study of Linguistics often begins at the graduate level.  The research strengths of the department include the areas of phonology, syntax, lexicography, historical linguistics, first and second language acquisition, bilingualism, Spanish linguistics, English linguistics, and TESOL.  Graduate students in these areas have the opportunity to work with members of the  linguistics faculty in producing original work contributing to the body of linguistic knowledge.  For further information about the Linguistics MA, click HERE .

The PhD in Psychology with a Concentration in Language Acquisition & Bilingualism
Combined faculty of the Department of Psychology and the Department of Languages & Linguistics  offer the PhD in Psychology with a concentration in Language Acquisition & Bilingualism.  This degree focuses on new research into the questions of how first and second languages are learned and how the languages of bilingual speakers interact with each other.  The UTEP Graduate Catalog under Psychology provides more detailed information on this program.  A limited amount of financial support is available to graduate students on a competitive basis.  For further information about this PhD degree, click HERE.

Linguistics Advising

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Linguistics on the Web

"Graduatelinguistics" is a listserve for disseminating information about the UTEP linguistics program, and about interesting things in linguistics in general.  All subscribers are eligible to contribute.  We urge all linguistics students to join the listserve.  To subscribe, go to