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Society of Behavioral Medicine:

A multidisciplinary, non-profit organization founded in 1978. Each part, each discipline, can stand alone. But together - when nursing, psychology, medicine and public health form an interdisciplinary team - new perspectives emerge on human behavior, health and illness. When you join SBM, you contribute to that unique multidisciplinary team, and your disciplinary experience and expertise is an essential part of the Whole. SBM has created the premiere scientific forum for over 2,000 behavioral and biomedical researchers and clinicians to study the interactions of behavior, physiological and biochemical states, and morbidity and mortality. SBM provides the many disciplines represented with an interactive network for education and collaboration on common research, clinical and public policy concerns related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, and health promotion. 

Mission Statement
The Society of Behavioral Medicine is a multidisciplinary organization of clinicians, educators, and scientists dedicated to promoting the study of the interactions of behavior with biology and the environment, and the application of that knowledge to improve the health and well being of individuals, families, communities and populations.

Vision Statement
Better Health Through Behavior Change.

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