Adam Arenson is an assistant professor of historyspecializing in nineteenth-century North American history, with aparticular interest in the cultural and political history of slavery, CivilWar, and Reconstruction, and the development of American cities. Stretchingfrom the Yukon Territory to St. Louis, California to Australia, his work alsoplaces the American West and its borderlands in comparative perspective. In addition to courses in these areas for undergraduate andgraduate students, Dr. Arenson offers classes exploring the challenges andopportunities involved in writing history.

Dr. Arenson's first book, The Great Heart of the Republic: St. Louisand the Cultural Civil War, was published by Harvard University Press inJanuary 2011. He is also co-editing volumes on Frontier Cities and the Civil War in the trans-Mississippi West Heis also beginning a research project on the return of African Americans fromCanada during and after the Civil War and continuing his work on images ofmemory in his home state of California, including the mosaics designed by Millard Sheets for Home Savings and Loan branches. 

His other publications include an article on the memory of the Dred Scott Case and Dred Scott's familyfor Common-place, the significance of the St. Louis Mercantile Library in the Missouri Historical Review, and the international implications ofthe Klondike Gold Rush for Anglo-Saxonism in the Pacific Historical Review, as well as Civil War sesquicentennial articles for the New York Times and other websites andnewspapers. He also contributes to the Making History Podcast. 

For more on all of theseprojects, see his faculty website ( and hisresearch blog and book website (

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