Jeffrey P. Shepherd is an Associate Professor of American Indian History, and the present Director of the Ph.D. Program.  He has written several articles on Indigenous economics, education, politics, culture, and identity, such as “At the Crossroads of Hualapai History, Memory, and American Colonization: Contesting Space & Place," in the American Indian Quarterly.  His book, We Are an Indian Nation: A History of the Hualapai People, was published in 2010 with the University of Arizona Press.  For this research, he has received grants from the American Philosophical Society, the Max Millett Foundation for Graduate Research, the Ft. McDowell Indian Nation, the Andrew H. Mellon Foundation, Texas Tech University, and Brigham Young University. He is presently working on several projects: an environmental history of the Guadalupe Mountains and National Park in the Texas-New Mexico Borderlands; a history of the Nde' / Apache peoples and treaty-making; and a history of the Blackfoot peoples along the U.S. - Canada border.    He serves as co-editor of the series, Critical Issues in Indigenous Studies, with the University of Arizona Press. Shepherd teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on Indigenous, Western, Public, and Borderlands History.



Curriculum Vitae (August 2016)

Graduate Courses

HIST 5353: Literature and Methods of U.S. History (Cultural Borderlands and Racial Frontiers)

HIST 5304: Studies in Public History (Oral History and Public Memory in the Borderlands)

HIST 5305: Studies in U.S. History (Conquest, Colonialism and Decolonization in Indigenous America)

HIST 5312: Studies in Borderlands History (Indigenous Peoples on the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada Borders)

HIST 5305: Studies in U.S. History (Conflict, Culture, and Community in the West)

HIST 6300: Preparation for Doctoral Exams (Borderlands History, U.S. History, Comparative Colonialisms)

HIST 5435: Directed Readings (Borderlands History, U.S. History)


Undergraduate Classes

HIST 3321: The American West in the 19th Century

HIST 3322: The American West in the 20th Century

HIST 3323: American Indian History

HIST 4325: Junior/Senior Research Seminar in the 20th Century American West

HIST 1301: The United States to 1865

HIST 1302: The United States since 1865