University of Texas at El Paso

            Michael Chacko Daniels

The Flea-Driven Traveler




Red-tail hawk

            swoops old Miwok sage scrub


Pray for us


Yellow-hooded Woman

daubs cliffs black, clouds sky


Pray for us


Rodeo snowy egrets

dipfish foam lagoon


Pray for us


Golden dung flies

            buzz horsechip gold


Pray for us


Revelations of skin droop

Traveler probes red-flecks


Pray for us


Blue-green eyes

talk to grey waves


Pray for us sinners





Effluence of surfers

            Traveler kills bodybug


Bless us, Father


Submerged river otter

grabs brown pelican


Bless us, Father


Woman paints pebbles

            crests waves, red cliffs


Bless us, Father


Neck-deep, Cosco-oil sand

            burned boy buries blonde


Bless us, Father


A tern speeds nestward

beak clamped on fish


                        Bless us, Father


She: Not the right red for this light


        He: A good, sunless day to learn swimming


Lord, have mercy on us, now and forever

Michael Chacko Daniels earned an MS in Journalism from the Medill School at Northwestern University.  A former community worker and clown, he grew up in Bombay, India and currently lives and works in San Francisco. His short stories have appeared in Apollo's Lyre, Cricket Online Review, Denver Syntax, DragonFire, Hackwriters, Indelible Kitchen, and SHALLA Magazine. His books include Split in Two (Poetry, 2004), Anything out of Place Is Dirt (Novel, 2004), and That Damn Romantic Fool (Novel, 2005).  His website is