University of Texas at El Paso

            Chris Crittenden

Ant at the Top of the World

stubbles of blueberry

flow past chins of granite,

pool at jagged toes.


treetops wail in a circle,

protesting their exclusion

from this oasis of evening,


where Maine spreads

into a paisley of bays,

and my legs cling to supplicate


the highest pulpit,

wanting to be pillars,

more enduring


than the shriveled brush,

which forms a woody stonehenge

beneath the kestrels.


three distant houses

are plump, vain and silly.

squareness bobbing

on coniferous swells.


their worrisome chores mean nothing.

it’s irrelevant whether

the mortgage has slipped.


the ant at my foot doesn’t care. 

a sublime view extends from its thorax,

dismissing the props of my life:


the lipid couch, tinfoil dinners.

perky staccatos of television.


Chris Crittenden has published hundreds of poems, many in academic journals such as Ellipsis, Harpur Palate, Rougarou, Switchback, Flyway, Nexus, Offcourse, and Lullwater Review.  His latest chapbook, Gordian Butterflies, will soon be reviewed at Arsenic Lobster.  It is available free via email by request.