Fernando Traverso workshop
Nicola Lopez installing
Unknitting summer workshop

Rubin Center educational programming reflects our mission of engaging the border community in adventuresome 
thinking and dialogue. With each exhibition we host a roster of visiting artists and curators from across the country and 
around the world, offering our geographically isolated community a direct experience with contemporary artists and 
curators of international recognition and importance. Visiting artists create site-specific installations, give public 
lectures, and conduct workshops for area high school and university students. Educational programming at the Rubin 
Center reaches a wide group of students at the high school and university level, and employs a diverse range of 
techniques to encourage critical thinking and broaden cultural, social and political dialogue.  We have broad community 
participation in our public events and have instituted a number of cross-border initiatives, building upon our unique 
border location and strengthening our commitment to making contemporary art accessible to a diverse audience.

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