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Teaching Materials    

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In the Classroom

Lesson Plans

  • The Mexican Revolution and the Borderlands (grades 6-12) - students look beyond the national stories told in the U.S. and Mexico to understand the revolution as a borderlands event that unites the two nations
  • Why was there a Revolution in Mexico? (grades 7, 10) - students compare textbook accounts that provide different reasons for the outbreak of the revolution
  • Pershing, Pancho, and Photographs (grade 11) - students wrestle with a 1914 photograph of Pershing and Villa posing together in El Paso in order to reconsider the relationship between the two men and their two nations
  • Mexican Labor in the 1920s (grade 11) - follows Mexican refugees throughout the US in the 1920s, uses a video from Discovery Education
  • Teaching with Historic Places: Teresa Urrea Home, El Paso TX Coming Soon!






Documents and Sources





National Commemorations    

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United States


Local Programs    

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El Paso, TX

Lecture Series

El Paso Museum of History, Downtown El Paso


Museum Exhibits

Border Heritage Center, El Paso Public Library, Downtown El Paso, TX

El Paso Museum of History, Downtown El Paso, TX

The Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts, UTEP Campus, El Paso, TX

  • "Up Against the Wall: Posters of Social Protest," April 15 – August 7, 2010
  • "Solidarity and Struggle: The Politics of Graphic Design in Mexico during and after the Revolution," April 15 – August 7, 2010

Sunland Art Gallery, Sunland Park Mall, El Paso, TX

  • "Viva Mexico," November 2-29, 2010


Film Series




Best Links

Mexico 2010 (official website)

Countdown to the Revolution (El Paso/Ciudad Juárez)

Virtual Teachers' Institute


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