Major Coursework

Two Degree Plans    

Students desiring to teach in the secondary schools must major in history and minor in secondary education. The History Department offers two degree plans. (What is the difference?)

  • The History/Secondary Ed plan prepares students to become certified to teach U.S. and world history at the 8-12 grade levels.
  • The Social Studies Composite/Secondary Ed plan prepares students to become certified to teach history as well as government, geography, and economics at the 8-12 grade levels. (See how to finish in 4 years)

The College of Education administers social studies training programs for EC-4, grades 4-8, and alternative certification.

Course Descriptions    

History 3309: Mexican-American History (Recommended)

This course surveys Mexican-Americans in the southwestern U.S. since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, with emphasis on interactions between Mexican- and Anglo-American cultures.

History 3317: Texas History since 1821 (Required)

This course addresses Spanish and Mexican Texas, Anglo-American colonization, the Texas revolution, the Republic, statehood, Civil War and Reconstruction, railroad and industrial growth, political, social, and economic trends in the twentieth century, and ethnic and racial change.

History 4325: Junior-Senior Seminar (Required)

This course prepares students for research on a major issue in history. Readings and discussions are used to prepare students for individual research into a related topic. The course theme varies by semester. Junior or senior standing is required to enroll in the course.

History 4330: Teaching History/Social Studies (Required)

This course serves as a "capstone" experience for upper-level students who are about to embark on a career in secondary school social studies teaching. Its objectives are to unite your previously acquired content knowledge and pedagogical skills, to introduce you to the professional craft of teaching, and to provide opportunities to practice planning, conducting, and assessing successful classroom learning experiences. Readings will introduce important practical, historical, and theoretical perspectives on teaching. A variety of assignments will provide opportunities for lesson and unit planning, personal reflection, and professional engagement.

Go Miners!


• Choose one of two degree plans.

• You can finish in four years.

Advice from Students

“Keep a short study guide at the end of the semester that you can use as a reference guide when you take the qualifying exams.”

-- senior, 2009

“I would suggest that you like to read because history classes are reading intensive.”

-- senior, 2009

HIST 4330 is “the most helpful teaching class at UTEP”

-- senior, 2009

“Take your junior/senior seminar [HIST 4325] your junior year.”

-- senior, 2009


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