Dafatir: Contemporary Iraqi Book Art

April 7-June 10, 2006
Rubin Gallery

Exhibition curated by Nada Shabout

Dafatir (an Arabic word that translates as "notebooks") is organized by Dr. Nada Shabout, a native of Iraq and Assistant Professor of Art History at UNT, who is recognized as a leading world authority on contemporary Iraqi art. Featured works were selected to reflect experimentation by three different generations of artists. Notebooks, or small-scale works in various book formats, have become an important vehicle of expression and communication for artists whose roots are planted in one of the world's oldest cultural region.

"Dafatir brings contemporary Iraqi art to Texas for the first time, and shows a different face of a nation that currently is part of our daily news."
-Dr. Nada Shabout

Seventeen contemporary Iraqi artists including: Sadiq Kawish Alfraji (Netherlands), Ammar Dawod (Netherlands), Mohammad Falkher (Iraq), Ismail Fattah (Iraq, deceased, September, 2004), Ghassan Gha'eb (Jordan), Nedim Kufi (Netherlands), Hana'Malallah (Iraq), Rafa al-Nasiri (Jordan), Mahmmud al-Obidi (Iraq), Shakir Hassan Al Said (Iraq, deceased, April, 2004), Mohammed al-Shammarey (Jordan), Samar Usama (Jordan), Nazar Yahya (Jordan).

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