Advising Assistance for Pre-Service Teachers

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        Academic Advising Center
Hawthorne Street, 1st Floor
      Planning your first 0-45 credit hours
      History Department Faculty
Liberal Arts Building, 3rd Floor
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  After 45 credit hours 

Teacher Training    

         Dr. Brad Cartwright
Interim Director
Center for History Teaching & Learning
LART 334
747-5878 | website
       Advice on admissions to the teacher education program, completing the undergraduate program, and graduate coursework.
    Resource Room
Center for History Teaching & Learning
LART 334
747-8462 | website
  Review for qualifying and certification exams, locate materials for lesson planning, and use the textbook library.
    Teresa Carrasco
Certification Specialist 
College of Education ARC Center
747-7582 | email
  Verification of licensure (for other states).

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• Advice is available online and in person.

• Read this helpful 2-page overview of all the facts.

Advice from Students

“The website was a great help for me as a first soon-to-be-graduate from my family. It was helpful. It gave me information and everything else I needed to know that I had no clue about.”

-- senior, 2009


“I had heard nightmare stories from other students about the process of obtaining a degree in social studies composite. Everything we need to know is at the Center for History Teaching & Learning.”

-- senior, 2009